Volume & Issue: Volume 75, Issue 4, November 2022, Pages 539-732 
Human-brown bear conflict in the southernmost part of its distribution in Iran (Roshan Kooh no-hunting area, Fars Province)

Pages 539-550


Alireza Mohammadi; Kamran Almasieh

Evaluation of machine learning methods in spatial downscaling of average annual land surface temperature and air temperature

Pages 551-569


Azadeh Atabati; Hamed Adab

The evaluation of heavy metals in relation to physicochemical parameters of mud sediments in a core sediment from the Gavkhuni playa lake

Pages 570-587


Hamid Reza Pakzad; Mehrdad Pasandi; Mohammad Nemati Varnosfaderany; Fereshteh Khodabandelou

Methane dispersion from Halgheh- Dareh Using IPCC and AERMOD hybrid approach

Pages 588-599


Ehsan Mohammad Hassani; Mazaher Moeinaddini; Reza Rafiee

Investigating the asymmetric relationship between financial development and natural resources in the Iranian economy

Pages 600-612


Fatemeh Havasbeigi; Ali Sayehmiri; Ali Moridian

Investigating the trend of vegetation change in the Central Plateau of Iran with the help of remotely sensed time series between 2002-2018

Pages 613-627


Maryam Zolfaghary; Behzad Rayegani; Bagher Nezami Balouchi; Hamid Gostasb; Ali Jahani

The role of social capital on rangeland conservation behavior among Saral region ranchers in Kurdistan province

Pages 628-641


Moslem Savari

Using kernel smoothing method in evaluating habitat preference of Mesopotamian barb, Capoeta damascina (Valenciennes, 1842) in Sirvan River

Pages 642-651


Atta Mouludi-Saleh; Soheil Eagderi; Hadi Poorbagher

Evaluation of co-digestion and pretreatment on lignocellulosic substrate biodegradability and methane production in non-continuous mesophilic reactors

Pages 652-666


Tarahom Mesri Gundoshmian; Mansour Ahmadi-Prlou; Gholam‌Hossein Shahgholi; Amirhamzeh Farajollahi

Impact of economic policy uncertainty on CO2 emissions: approach of the generalized method of moments (GMM)

Pages 667-681


Mahboubeh Jafari

Regional balance and equivalence assessment using ecosystem services value and spatial monitoring of gravity centers

Pages 682-701


Mostafa Keshtkar; Naghmeh Mobarghei Dinan; Romina Sayahnia; Zahra Asadolahi

Investigation of heavy metals in soil samples before rice planting and after rice harvesting in Mazandaran province; Study of ecological risk potential and integrated pollution indexes

Pages 702-715


Mahboubeh Nozari; Abbas Esmaili Sari; Ali Mashinchian Moradi; Nader Bahramifar; Lobat Taghavi

Investigating the presence and diet of otter (Lutra lutra) in the estuary region of eastern rivers of Guilan province: Polrood, Khoshkrod and Acharod

Pages 716-732


Saeid Eshagh Nimvari; Saeid Naderi; Alireza Mirzajani