Using kernel smoothing method in evaluating habitat preference of Mesopotamian barb, Capoeta damascina (Valenciennes, 1842) in Sirvan River

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran


This study was conducted to investigate the habitat preference of Capoeta damascina in the Sirvan River using the kernel smoothing method. For this purpose, in November 2021, eight stations each with 3 replications were sampled using an electrofishing device. A total of 135 specimens were sampled, identified and released. Ten environmental factors, including pH, temperature, total dissolved solids, electrical conductivity, altitude, depth, width, velocity, slope and dissolved oxygen were measured. The results showed that the habitat preference of C. damascina in the Sirvan River based on the studied factors are habitats with pH of approximately 6, temperature 9°C, total dissolved solids 200, electrical conductivity 300 μS/cm, altitude 1130m, depth 50 cm, width 9 m, velocity 0.8 m/s, slope 2% and oxygen 9 mg/liter. The SI values of altitude (0.92) and oxygen (0.79) had the highest values. The results showed, Sirvan River with HSI value of 0.69 is a suitable habitat for C. damascina.


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