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Study on presence of microplastic pollution in the wastewater treatment plant of district 22 of Tehran

Pages 1-6


Farzaneh Feizi; Amir Hossein Hamidian; Razegheh Akhbarizadeh; Mehdi Jonoobi

Investigating the long-term economic consequences of corporate environmental responsibility: evidence from polluting listed companies in the Tehran stock exchange

Pages 7-21


Seyed Reza Seyed Nezhad Fahim

Vulnerability assessment of Golestan National Park for sustainable development using DPSIR model

Pages 22-37


Bita Baheri; Soolmaz Dashti

Investigation of seasonal composition, abundance and biodiversity of macroinvertebrate communities in Khormarud river, Golestan province

Pages 38-48


Mohammad Gholizadeh; Abolfazl Peykar Porsan; Raheleh Motamedi

Coastal Zoning of Sistan and Baluchestan Base on Environmental Sensitivity

Pages 49-63


Maryam Yaghoubzadeh; Afshin Danehkar; Monir Haghighat; Majid Mashhadi Rafiee; Saeed Lotfikhah

Modeling the removal of the Oxytetracycline antibiotic using Amine-functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes; Use of the response surface methodology

Pages 64-76


Ali Kazemi

Evaluation of the Effects of Climate Change on Climatic Vriables Using the LARS-WG6 Model (Case Study: Bandar Abbas)

Pages 77-88


Shahranoo Monjazeb Marvdashti; Kamal Omidvar

Using response surface method (RSM) to develop a soil optimization model for designing a natural wastewater treatment filter (Case study: Shahid Tondgoyian Petrochemical Company)

Pages 89-103


Sina Sobhani Niko; Ahmad Jafarnejad Chaghushi; Sayed Hossein Razavi Haji Agha; Mohsen Armin

Assessment and quality monitoring of surface-groundwater water in Chahar Gonbad copper mining area, affected by tailings dam

Pages 104-118


Seyed Morteza Moosavirad; Mahboob Saffari; Mohammad Javad Hassani; Marjan Shakeri; Najmeh Nazari

Prediction Of Vegetation Changes And Carbon Dioxide Emission Trends Based On The Project Scenario REDD (Case Study: Central Alborz Protected Area)

Pages 119-135


Yosef Darvishi; Milad Zarei; Mirkeivan Sayyarkavardi

Investigating the situation of rural settlements in terms of key components of improving water productivity Case study: Rural of Qaleh Chai watershed in East Azerbaijan province

Pages 136-149


Mohsen Aghayari Hir; Mohammad Zaheri; Hosein Karimzadeh; Ali Majnouni- Toutakhane

Ranking of Vinasse mulches in terms of environmental indicators using TOPSIS model (Case study: North of Khorramshahr)

Pages 150-164


Zeinab Nazari; Mazaher Moeinaddini; Salman Zare; Reza Rafiee

Investigation of changes in air pollutants in major metropolises of Iran using the optical depth of satellite images

Pages 165-176


Mahmoud Ahmadi; Davoud Darvish