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Determination of the most effective indicators of environmental sustainability in Tehran and Alborz provinces

Pages 1-13


Mina Salehnia; Zahra Vahidi

Compilation of green business development strategies in the agricultural environment of Khuzestan province

Pages 15-28


Moslem Savari

Environmental risk assessment and management in offshore drilling rigs in the Persian Gulf using the EFMEA method

Pages 29-41


Mohammad Radsa; Mohsen Nowrouzi; ŮŽAmir Rostami

Factors affecting agricultural students' energy saving behavior at University of Tehran

Pages 43-57


Masoud Rezaei

Monitoring changes in vegetation cover and its relationship with surface temperature and land use in Khodaafrin and Kalibar cities using Remote sensing technology

Pages 59-73


Ali Khodaie; Rahman Zandi

Designation the suitable site for MARINA development on Kish shoreline by analytical network process (ANP)

Pages 75-93


Mojdeh Hatami; Afshin Danehkar; Saeed Lotfikhah; Fereydoon Taheri

Application of response surface methodology to optimize the sonophotocatalytic process for the removal of phenol from aqueous solution

Pages 95-105


Sanaz Khammar; Najme Zeinali Pour

Assessing Spatio-temporal Variations in Land Use/Land Cover and Soil Salinity and their Impact on Managing Dry Areas (Case Study: A Part of Sistan Basin, Southeast of Iran)

Pages 107-121


Sajjad Karbalaei Saleh; Solmaz Amoushahi; Akram Sanaei

Investigation of the climatic variables' impact on the agricultural sector economic rent in Iran (Case study: irrigated barley)

Pages 123-132


Azam Rezaee; Somayeh Amirtaimoori; Shahram Mohammadzadeh

Assessment of soil quality in different types of forests in north Zagros (Case study: Armardeh Baneh forests)

Pages 133-146


Saman Maleki; Babak Pilehvar; Mohammad Ali Mahmoodi

Relationship between CO2 emissions, health care costs and human development index in Shanghai member countries

Pages 147-158


Amir Dadrasmoghadam; Reza Dehvari; Mehdi Safdari

The comparison of ice nucleation ability of sand with silt-clay fraction of mineral particles and the role of carbonate coatings in ice formation temperature

Pages 159-173


Nikou Hamzehpour

Analyzing and investigating the effects of the covid-19 pandemic era and after that on people's willingness to pay to protect the environment

Pages 175-187


Shiva Ghaznavi; Hamed Rafiee; Farzaneh Hassani Diyarjan

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