Volume & Issue: Volume 73, Issue 2, August 2020, Pages 199-409 
Assessment of heavy elements bioaccumulation in muscle tissue of the common bream (Abramis brama orientalis Berg, 1905) (Case study: Siah Darvishan River, Guilan province, Iran)

Pages 199-210


Mohammad Ettefaghdoost; Hamid Alaf Noveirian

Comparison of the Effectiveness of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria and Chemical Fertilizers on Improving Growth and Yield of Wheat

Pages 211-225


Somayeh Emami; Hossein Ali Alikhani; Ahmad Ali Pourbabaee; Hassan Etesami; Fereydoon Sarmadian; Babak Motesharezadeh

Investigation of Structural Changes in Anzali Watershed Based on Landscape Ecology Approach

Pages 227-241


Mohammad Panahandeh; Mondana Azizi

Consumer intention to buy green agricultural products in Kerman: Taking into account environmental considerations

Pages 243-256


Rooholah Pirayesh mayvan; Sedigheh Nabieyan; Elham Khajepour

The prediction model of tourism impact assessment in vegetation canopy cover of Qhamishloo National park and Wildlife Refuge

Pages 257-270


Ali Jahani; Maryam Saffariha

Regression analysis of environmental effective factors on tourists’ behaviors in Birjand natural and cultural attractions

Pages 271-283


Fatemeh Jahanishakib; Delaram Bakhshi

Investigating the Relationship between Land Surface Temperature and Landscape Spatial Pattern by Using Regression Models and Landscape Metrics

Pages 285-298


Bahman Jabbarian Amiri; Seyed Sadeq Dezhkam

Estimation of environmental flow of the Balikhlochai River and evaluation impact of Yamchi dam operation on hydrological and environmental regime of the river

Pages 299-312


Majid Raoof; simin Alioghli

Identifying Factors Affecting Rural Women's Behavior to Prevent Forest Land Use Changes in Lorestan Province

Pages 313-326


moslem savari; zinab asadi

Replacement of PHABISM univariate method by fuzzy approach as requirement for environmental flow assessment in rivers (case study, Jajrood river)

Pages 327-339


mahdi sedighkia; Asghar Abdoli; shahrzad kaviani; Farshad Nejat

Proposal for a Decision Algorithm for Selecting Coastal-Marine Protected Areas in South of Iran,, Case Study: Hormozgan Province

Pages 341-354


Bahareh Samadi Kuchaksaraei; Afshin Danehkar; Seyed Mohammad Reza Fatemi; seyed ali jozi; Ehsan Ramezani-Fard

Detecting origin of dust-fall using ions ratio and morphology of the particles in western Iran

Pages 355-367


Nahid Mahmoodimahpash; Bubak Souri

Do the demographic factors can predict pro-environmental behavior of ecotourists?

Pages 369-382


Samaneh Motamedi Barabadi; Rahim Maleknia; Hamid Shayan; Fernando Almeida García

Comparison of green and burnt sugarcane harvesting methods and Environmental Impacts of Burning Farms on Sugarcane Harvesting in Khuzestan Province

Pages 383-396


Nasim Monjezi

An Approach for Quantifying the Spatial Disturbance Variations Based on Landscape Metrics (Case Study: Arasbaran Protected Area during 1990-2014)

Pages 397-409


vahid nasiri; mahan ghorbani