Volume & Issue: Volume 70, Issue 4, February 2018, Pages 735-983 
PH-dependent leaching behavior of copper, zinc, iron and manganese from municipal sewage sludge

Pages 735-743


ahmad akhavan; Zahra Kolahchi

Habitat suitability modelling for the Caspian Snowcock (Tetraogallus caspius), as a typical high-montane species

Pages 745-756


Mohammad Reza Ashrafzadeh; Ali Reza Nazarian

Investigation of Breeding Success Rate of Cattle Egret Bubucus ibis at Ali-Siah Island in Karon River

Pages 757-769


Behrouz Behrouzi-Rad; Mostafa Zeinali Shalmaei

Predicting and assessing the tree species survival and determining Physiographic factors affecting on it in Mazandaran province Forests using artificial neural networks

Pages 771-782


Mahmoud Bayat

Analyzing the effect of abiotic and biotic factors on diameter increment of Fagus orientalisl ipsky by artificial neural network in the forests of Mazandaran province

Pages 783-797


Mahmoud Bayat; fatemeh gorzin; majid hasani

Estimation of Economic Value of Recreational Services of Naharkhoran Park Using Choice Experiment Method

Pages 799-812


; ;; ' '; j j; u u

Environmental impact of forest harvesting operations on runoff in skid trails (Case study: Kheyrud forest)

Pages 813-828


k k; Meghdad Jourgholami; l l

Measuring the Concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Carbon Monoxide, and Particulate Matters in Underpass of Emam Reza Holy Shrine, Mashhad (Shirazi Parking)

Pages 829-842


Ghasem Zolfaghari; Mitra Mohammadi; Fatemeh Arab Amery; Mehri Delsouz

Surviving of risk and tradeoff levels effects on land capability evaluation results in Fuzzy area (case study: Plasjan sub-basin)

Pages 843-855


vahid rahdari; Alireza Soffianian; saed pormanafi; hamid ghaiumi

Evaluating and mapping the environmental risk of soil heavy metals using by contamination indexes in the Tehran south farms

Pages 757-868


p p; Fatemeh Meskini-Vishkaee; zahra Mohammad Esmaeil; Saeed Saadat; hamed Rezaei

Effects of rice husk biochar and residues on growth and chemical composition of bean in a sewage sludge treated calcareous soil

Pages 869-880


j j; l l; b b

Ecological Impacts Assessment of Recreation on Quality of Soil and Vegetation in Protected Areas (Case Study:Qhamishloo National park and Wildlife Refuge)

Pages 881-891


nazanin shirani sarmazeh; ali jahani; hamid goshtasb; k k

Potential distribution modelling of wildlife species based on ecological knowledge of local communities compared with machine learning methods: A case study of Gazella subgutturosa in Mishdagh Protected Area

Pages 893-906


j j; Kazem Rangzan; Rouhollah Mirzaei; Mohammadreza Ashrafzadeh

Plant tolerance, accumulation and remediation of Pb by three rangeland plant species in a calcareous soil in west Azerbaijan province

Pages 907-922


Akbar Karimi; Habib Khodaverdiloo; MirHasan Rasouli Sadaghiani

Investigation into the bio-adsorption of chromium ion (VI) from the aqueous solutions using response surface methodology

Pages 923-934


Someyyeh Mohammadian; Abbas Khoshhal; Hanie Zare

Spatial modelling of air pollutants emission from mobile sources in Karaj metropolis

Pages 935-947


Mazaher Moeinaddini; g g; g g

Determination of optimum areas for the landfill with emphasis on the urban expansion trend based on the combination of the Analytical Hierarchy Process and the Ordered Weighted Averaging model

Pages 949-969


saman nadizadeh shorabeh; Najmeh Neysani Samani; Mohammad Reza Jelokhani- Niaraki Jelokhani- Niaraki

Urban land use Evaluation Using DEMATEL-ANPFUZZY Technique

Pages 971-983


elham yusefi; g g; fateme ghassami