Volume & Issue: Volume 70, Issue 1, April 2017, Pages 1-241 
Phosphorus Adsorption Behavior of Sediments Trapped Behind Successive Check-dams

Pages 1-14


Farrokh Asadzadeh; Sara Mola-Ali-Abasiyan; Abbas Samadi

Monitoring and Analysis of Landscape Pattern of Lorestan Province and its Change Process in GIS Environment

Pages 15-36


Mohsen Japolghy; Mehdi Gholamalifard; kamran shayesteh

Zoning the recreational capacity of Yasuj’s forest park, using multi criteria decision methods in GIS

Pages 37-51


shakiba jahangiri; Alireza Salehi

Response of Flooded Weeping Willow Seedlings to Zinc Heavy Metal

Pages 53-64


Azemat Hoseini Mojarad; Masoud Tabari; Seyed Ehsan Sadati

Identification of affecting factors on satisfaction of general tourists and tourists of recreational regions in Karaj- Chalous Road

Pages 65-76


Reihaneh Khaleghpanah; Ali Jahani

Examination of Mercury Concentration in the Hair and Milk Mothers and Relation to Number of Dental Amalgam Filling and Mother Feeding Case study : (city of Zahedan)

Pages 77-86


sanaz khammar; Alireza Pourkhabbaz; Reza Dahmardeh behrooz

Influence of Pyrolysis Temperature and Sodium Bicarbonate on the Efficiency of Palm Leaf Residues on Zinc and Cadmium Removal from Aqueous Solution

Pages 87-98


Leila Zare; Reza Ghasemi Fasaee

Equilibrium and kinetic studies of adsorption of Cd ions from aqueous solutions using egg shell nano particles

Pages 99-112


Behzad Shamsi zadeh fard; Hosein Esmaeeli

Environmental components assessment of Feyzabad irrigation and drainage network in order to rural development (Case of study: Feyzabad irrigation and drainage network of Fars province)

Pages 113-126


Puria Ataee; Ahmad Yaghubi farani; Nasim Izadi

Biosorption of ion heavy metal cadmium from aqueous solution using chitin production of skin tiger green shrimp (Penaeuse semisulcatuse) of Persian Gulf: kinetics studies

Pages 127-137


zahra esvandi; mohammad mirjalili

Prediction of CO2 Emission Hotspot due to Land Use Change

Pages 139-148


Samereh Felahatkar; Seyed mohsen Hoseini

Negative impacts of the future climate change on mountain dweller lacertid lizards in Iran

Pages 149-160


Anooshe Kafash; Masoud Yousefi

Evaluation of the growth ability and biodegradation of kerosene by several bacteria isolated from oil-contaminated soil and water

Pages 161-172


Mohammad Mojarrad; Abbas Alemzadeh; Golafarin Ghoreishi; Mohammad Djavaheri

Morphological and electrophoretical comparison of blood-serum proteins of Spermophilus fulvus and Spermophilus xanthoprymnus (Mammalia: Rodentia) in Iran

Pages 173-179


Mohammad Moradi; Soheil Eagderi

Evaluation of Green Roofs Impact on Air Temperature, Humidity and Carbon Dioxide Concentration in Tehran and Their Role on Urban Sustainable Development

Pages 181-195


Masumeh Moghbel; Mehrnush Ghadimi

Investigation the Factors affecting soil organic carbon along a gradient climate in Kermanshah Province

Pages 197-210


Elham Mansuri; Alireza Karimi; Hojat Emamy; Yahya pARVIZI

Assessment of surface soil pollution with selected heavy metals in Semnan industrial complex and surrounding areas

Pages 211-226


Mahdieh Nik ravesh; Alireza Karimi; eesa Esfandyarpur; Amir Fotovat

Assessing pellet group count methods to estimate Persian fallow deer abundance (Case study: Dashte-e-Naz Wildlife Refuge)

Pages 227-241


Mahmoudreza Hemami; Asieh Ali-Akbari; Rasoul Khosravi; Mahmoud Ghasempoori