Volume & Issue: Volume 69, Issue 4, February 2016, Pages 881-1177 
Application of GIS and ANP in urban waste site selection (case study : Torbat-e- heydariye)

Pages 881-898


hamid reza amiri; somaye karimpour

Site selection of Range improved practices using spatial decision support system (Case Study: gushchi col)

Pages 899-916


negar imani; Mahshid Souri

Genetic Structure of Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) based on D-Loop Region Sequence of the Mitochondrial Genome in Central region of IRAN

Pages 917-933


The Role of Elevation on Species Diversity of Accipitridae family in Khorasan Provinces (Birds: Falconiformes)

Pages 935-949


Hamed Bidel; Mansour Aliabadian

Aesthetic quality modeling of landscape in urban green space using artificial neural network

Pages 951-963


Ali Jahani; Asghar Mohammadi Fazel

Habitat suitability evaluation for Persian Gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa) in Haftad Qolleh Protected Area , Markazi provincein central Iran.

Pages 965-979


Golnoush hosseini; Bahman Shams sfandabab; Afshin Alizadeh shabani

Design and the production of Cellular Automata Software (CAS) for environmental applications

Pages 981-996


Ali Khatibi; Amir Hossein Hamidian

Environmental Impact of Water Use in Life Cycle of Milk Production

Pages 997-1015


Ali Daneshi; Abbas Esmaili Sari; Mohammad Daneshi; Henrikke Baumann

Habitat suitability index of Sefidrud hillstream loach (Oxynoemacheilus bergianus) in Taleghan River (Sefidrud River basin: Alborze province)

Pages 1017-1025


Investigation some of the physiological reactions of Pinus eldarica and Ligusrum ovalifolium to dust stresses

Pages 1027-1039


Investigation of Factor Influencing in River Gravel Extraction Problems Using Fuzzy Delphi Method

Pages 1041-1059


Kinetic behavior study of Pb (II) ions adsorption from aqueous solution using lotus leaves as dry coal

Pages 1061-1075


Numerical Simulation of Extreme Sand and Dust Storm in East of Iran, by the WRF_Chem Model Case study; 1 May & 1 June 2011

Pages 1077-1089


elham karegar; Javad Bodagh Jamali; Hamid Goshtasb; Abbas Ranjbar saadat abadi; Mazaher Moeinaddini

Soil properties and level of heavy metals in coal wastes and their association with plant establishment (Case study: coal mine of Karmozd Svadkoh, Mazandaran province)

Pages 1091-1108


Jamshid Ghorbani

Impact assessment of climate change on environmental flows by using hydrological indicators Case study: Kordan River

Pages 1109-1127


Reyhaneh Morid; Soheil Eagderi

The Comparison of current land-use proposed of three methods such as Makhdoum, FAO and the Forest, range and Watershed (Case study: Watershed Zanjanrud and QarehPoshtelu)

Pages 1129-1143


abolfazl moeini; leila sadooghi; Sepide Mofidi; fateme Sharififar

Stated Preferences Modeling: The Case of the Shadegan Wetland

Pages 1145-1163


Amir Hossein Montazer-Hojat

Some ecological and biological peculiarities of the Fat Dormouse in the Hyrcanian forests

Pages 1165-1177