Application of GIS and ANP in urban waste site selection (case study : Torbat-e- heydariye)

Document Type : Research Paper



2 Saj Gostar Kaspian company


Municipal waste landfill site selection is important in the management of municipal solid waste. Locate the landfill needs to analyze location data, rules and standards are acceptable. The aim of this study was to impose a variety of spatial analysis by using network analysis process (ANP) and GIS technology to locate the optimal limits (with minimal environmental ill side effects) for municipal solid waste landfill. In this regard, in the first phase of weighted criteria, based on existing standards, the ANP model was done using Super Decisions. In the second phase of municipal waste landfill consists of layers required for the database using ArcGIS software was developed. In the third phase in order to achieve suitable areas for waste disposal, after layers and overall weight of the final zoning map of the region were presented. South of the city mixed land heavily worn, poor and weak in terms of agriculture and horticulture, including placed, the area is good. Another good area around the Robat Sang is detected.