Investigation some of the physiological reactions of Pinus eldarica and Ligusrum ovalifolium to dust stresses

Document Type : Research Paper


In recent years, dust events have been significant effects on the physiology and morphology characterstics of plant species. The main concern of this paper is to determine the level of Pinus eldarica and Ligusrum ovalifolium tolerance to dust stress. Two species of Pinus eldarica and Ligusrum ovalifolium with three replications were exposed at about 1, 2 and 4 g/cm2 of dust on seedling by dust simulator device during one month. After the end of dusting, porlin (Bates), chlorophyll (Lichtenthalar) and soluble sugars (Kochert) of seedling treatments and controls were measured. The situation of dust on leaves surface of Pinus eldarica and Ligusrum ovalifolium were determined by Scan Electronic microscope (SEM).
The result shown, the soluble sugars and porlin had no significant in two species. Despite increasing dust, the amount of chlorophyll not was significant in Pinus eldarica, but Ligusrum ovalifolium increased amount of chlorophyll for compensation decreasing optical absorption. On the other hand, Ligusrum ovalifolium respond to dust stresses with spending soluble sugars and porlin to increase the number of leaf and stems length. In addition, the result shown that dust doesn’t influence on Pinus eldarica. It is recommended for areas with high concentration of dust.