Volume & Issue: Volume 69, Issue 2, September 2016, Pages 581-595 
Chemical Composition of TSP Dust-Sized as an Indicator in Geochemical Fingerprinting of Sediments

Pages 283-301


Hesam Ahmady-Birgani; Sadat Feiznia

Prediction for relict population of Mountains Vipres (Montivipera spp) in western Iran; an ensemble distribution modeling along with climate change detection from past to future

Pages 303-327


Mohammad Kaboli; Atefeh Asadi; Mohsen Ahmadi; Anoosheh Kafash

Modelling of Persian gazelle (Gazella Subgutturosa Subgutturosa) Habitat suitability using Ecological Niche Factor Analysis method in Gharaviz no hunting area

Pages 329-346


Payman Karami; Yahya Esmaeilpour; Saber Ghasemi; Mozafar Sharifi

Measured concentrations of heavy metals (lead, copper, zinc, manganese) in wheat root Darreh Zereshk Region, Yazd Province

Pages 347-359


maedeh chitsaz; Amir Hossein Hamidian; Babak Motesharrezadeh

Studying of Stabilized and Non-Stabilized Landslide Areas on the Forest Road Cut-slope according to Vegetation biodiversity (Case study: Chachkam District)

Pages 361-375


sareh hosseini; S.Ataollah Hosseini

Developing Air Pollution Modeling (AERMOD) in MATLAB Software

Pages 377-399


zahra khebri

Evaluation of the ability of Nano clay on decrease of toxicity ‎effects of environmental pollutants on the Caspian Sea ‎Kutum (Rutilus frisii kutum)‎

Pages 401-408


Hassan Rezaei

Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP) of degradable fraction of municipal solid waste

Pages 409-420


Reza Rafiee

To Investigate the Effective Factors on the Degradation Rate of Pesticides after production

Pages 421-438


Comparison of BMWP, ASPT and biodiversity indexes in order to assessment of temporal rivers quality (case study: Kheiroud-kenar River)

Pages 439-467


saeid shahbazi naserabad; hadi poorbagher; soheil eagderi; afshin danehkar; moein rajaei

The Analysis of Local Benefesheries’ Network Toward Improvement of Resilience and Sustainable Natural Ecosystems Management (Case Study: Gor-Gu Region, Boyer Ahmad District)

Pages 469-486


Fatemeh Salari; Ali Hamidian; Maedeh Nasri

Study the function of Halotolerant Micrococcus luteus in biological removal of zinc

Pages 487-504


razieh lamoochi; alireza safahieh; Negin Salamat; hajar abyar

Studying some of physiological characters of common trees and shrubs in urban green spaces

Pages 505-517


mina orangi

Network analysis and organizational cohesion in Sorkheh Hesar National Park Co-management

Pages 519-530


Assessment of concentration and heavy metals contamination in atmospheric dust from urban and industrial areas of Bushehr Province

Pages 531-548


Shamsollah Ayoubi

The Effective Factors on Water Quality of Seimareh and Kashkan Rivers in Ilam and Lorestan Provinces

Pages 549-564


zahra noori; Arash malekian

Factor analysis of barriers to respect the environmental behavior by citizens (case study: Zanjan)

Pages 565-579


Jafar Yaghoubi; Parisa Najafloo

Protected area coverage for terrestrial biomes in Iran

Pages 581-595


Sohrab Ashrafi