Investigation of Factor Influencing in River Gravel Extraction Problems Using Fuzzy Delphi Method

Document Type : Research Paper


Rivers are important for human beings due to abundance of sand deposits within them. The goal of this study is determine the factors influence on licensing of gravel mining from rivers of Gilan Province and its problems, finally giving suggestions about probability change the licening. Socio-economic, environmental, management, laws and regulations including 10, 26, 8 and 5 criteria, respectively are investigated. It’s wanted from experts to show their preference about the criteria and sub criteria with scale from 1 to 9. The criteria and sub criteria were ranked by using of Delphi fuzzy technique. Results show socio-economic criteria were ranked in 9 degree, environmental criteria in 4 ranks, management criteria in 6 ranks and laws and regulations criteria in 3 ranks. Keywords: Delphi fuzzy, criteria, ranking, preference, gravel extraction, rivers of Gilan Province