Volume & Issue: Volume 76, Issue 1, May 2023, Pages 1-184 
Optimizing the removal of Reactive Blue21 using non-metallic carbon nitride photocatalyst by Response Surface Methodology

Pages 1-14


Shohreh Alidoust; Nader Bahramifar; Habibollah Younesi

Evaluation of phytoremediation potential of lead and cadmium in rangeland plant species, Dactylis glomerata, Festuca ovina and Medicago sativa

Pages 15-28


Mohammad Reza Tatian; Reza Tamartash; Hossein Agajantabar Ali; Ailin Faraji

Site selection for waste transfer station in Karaj county, Alborz province

Pages 29-41


Marzieh Nayebi; Mazaher Moeinaddini

Flood susceptibility zoning using machine learning improved by genetic algorithm

Pages 43-60


Peyman Karami; Seyed Ahmad Eslamnezhad; Mobin Eftekhari; Mohammad Akbari; Melika Rastgoo

Identification and analysis of key stakeholders to prioritize ecosystem services for integration into Arak urban development plans

Pages 61-80


Najme Sadat Mostafavi; Parvin Partovi; Zahra Asadolahi

Spatial assessment of air pollution caused by mobile sources: a case study of Tehran region 2

Pages 81-91


Parisa Ahmadi; Mehrdad Hadipour; Farrokh Ghahremaninejad

Bioaugmentation of in-situ degradation of petroleum hydrocarbon from soil by indigenous microbial consortium

Pages 93-103


Zahra Hozhabri; Alireza Habibi; Ali Beheshti Ale Agha; Rouhallah Sharifi

Study and comparison of the habitat suitability indices of Cyprinion macrostomum Heckel, 1843 from Zab River in four seasons

Pages 105-115


Zaniar Ghafouri; Soheil Eagderi; Hadi Poorbagher

Assessing the status of good governance indicators in wetland ecosystems (case study: Zarivar wetland, Marivan county)

Pages 117-131


Karwan Shanazi; Mousa Aazami

Acute toxicity and histopathological changes in gill and intestine of Gambusia holbrooki Girard, 1859 fish exposed to paraquat at different pH, hardness and temperatures

Pages 133-147


Mohammad Hossein Sayadi; Javad Kharkan; Hossein Shekari; Ayoob Rezaei

Groundwater quality assessment using fuzzy inference system for drinking purposes (Case study: Sardasht city, West Azerbaijan province, Iran)

Pages 149-160


Hemen Mahmoudpour; Esfandiar Abbasnovinpour; Homayoun Moghimi

Investigating the balance and amount of organic carbon sequestered in different parts of plants in different land uses in Behbahan city, Khuzestan province

Pages 161-171


Saheb Khordehbin; Saeid Hojati; Ahmad Landi; Iman Ahmadianfar

Analysis of proposition and managerial views regarding forest fire in Iran

Pages 173-184


Beytollah Mahmoudi