Spatial assessment of air pollution caused by mobile sources: a case study of Tehran region 2

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Plant Sciences, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran.


Air pollution is one of the consequences development, which increases with the increase in population and the expansion of urbanization, the development of transportation and the amount of fuel. Air pollution has become one of the serious dangers for many residents of big cities. The current research is theoretical-applied in terms of nature and descriptive-analytical in terms of study method. According to the subject under study and after extracting and collecting information and indicators using the library method and analyzing satellite images and examining the time series, the available information was obtained for the final analysis in such a way as to identify the ecological footprint of air pollution. As a result of mobile sources, four-stroke gasoline engines, motorcycles with two-stroke gasoline engines, and cars with four-stroke diesel engines were identified from the IPCC Inventory software. The results show that the changes and contribution of the pollutants obtained in the base year in the four studied sectors and especially in the CO2 sector during the study period have been accompanied by many changes, as well as the changes and transformations of the urban green space (vegetation). located in the study area has caused the instability of the environment in terms of air pollution in such a way that out of the total 49564092 m2 of land in the study area only 2153728 square meters were dedicated to vegetation the results of the carbon production process in this analysis The region showed that the carbon production trend increased from 43167344 kg in 2013 to 58925638 in 2017. In the automobile index, it has increased from 372189467 kg in 2013 to 497237450 kg in 2017.


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