Volume & Issue: Volume 68, Issue 2, September 2015, Pages 165-330 
Life Cycle Assessment of Li-ion Batteries (Case Study: Anodes with Graphite and Cobalt Oxide)

Pages 165-178


Zahra Padashbarmchi; Amir Hossein Hamidian; Nematolah Khorasani; Mahmood Kazemzad

Effect of forestation hardwood and softwood on soil carbon storage in Berenjestanak forest at Mazandaran Province

Pages 179-190


Hamid Jalilvand; Zeinab Jafarian; Majid Yusefi

Effects of land use change on soil carbon sequestration and emissions (case study: arid rangelands of Eivanakei, Semnan province)

Pages 191-200


Hamed Joneidi; Ahmad Sadeghipour; Nadia Kamali; shima nikoo

Strategic educational planning for department of environment natural resources faculty, university of Tehran

Pages 201-212


fateme jahani shakib; Afshin Danehkar; mahdi alipour; elham yousefi

Determination of ecological vulnerability in Torghabeh-Shandiz Township using objective vulnerability method

Pages 213-223


Sahar Heidari Masteali; Bahman Jabbarian Amiri; Afshin Alizade Shabani

Monitoring the landscape changes using synoptic analysis and satellite images (Case study: Rasht township)

Pages 225-238


Seyed Sadeq Dezhkam; Bahman Jabbarian Amiri

Investigation on the Concentration of heavy metals Ni, Cd and Pb in different ages bivalve Saccostrea cucullata and compared with international standards

Pages 239-246


Somayye Sadat Alavian Petroody; Amir Hossein Hamidian; Soheil Eagderi; Sohrab Ashrafi

Reduce the environmental impacts of rainbow trout ponds effluent by Biofloc technology Running title: Biofloc and the reduced impacts of effluent

Pages 247-255


Vafa Farahmandi; Amir Tukmechi; Nasroallah Ahmadifard; Korosh Sarvi Moghanlooi; Reza Malehzadeh Vayaieh

Comparing potential carbon sequestration of different parts of mountain almond and grape plants and soil in Fars province

Pages 257-265


Gholam abbas Ghanbarian; Alimorad Hassanli; vahideh Rajabi

Development of appropriate performance indicators for monitoring sustainability of Hyrcanian forest functions, north of Iran (Case study: Kheyrud forest)

Pages 267-276


SeyedeZahra Goushegir; Jahangir Feghhi; Mohammad Reza Marvie Mohadjer; Majid Makhdoum; Christian Rosset

Effect of some physicochemical properties of sediment on Nickel and Vanadium concentration in sediments, roots, and leaves of mangroves

Pages 277-292


Nasrolah Mahboobi Soofiani; Hossein Moradi; zahra razavi; abbas Heydari khosro; Nourollah Mirghaffari

The Role of Geographic Range Metrics in Determining National Threat Status of Species; A Case Study of Anatidae in Iran

Pages 293-303


Elham Nourani; Mohammad Kaboli; Ben Collen

Environmental impacts assessment of compost plants using a Bayesian approach: case study Golestan province

Pages 305-319


Ensieh Nikoubazlrad; Abdorasool Salmak Mahini; Amir Sadoodin

Microbial status of groundwater Haraz River Mazandaran Province

Pages 321-330


zahra yaghoubzadeh; Reza Safari

Englisgh Abstracts

Pages 1-14