Volume & Issue: Volume 68, Issue 1, June 2015, Pages 1-163 
Investigating various change detection techniques of land use usingRS and GIS (Case study- Sarabeleh,Ilam province)

Pages 1-13


Saleh Arkhi

Genetic sex determination in two species of wolf (Canis lupus) and dog (Canis lupus familiaris) using Y chromosome microsatellite markers

Pages 15-21


Marzieh Asadi Aghbolaghi1; Mohammad Kaboli; Hamidreza Rezaei; Ali Shabani

Estimating the Recreational Value of Eram Garden of Shiraz using Contingent Valuation Method

Pages 23-30


Reza Esfanjari; Ahad Mahmoodi; mehdi shabanzadeh

Investigating the behavioral patterns of households regarding waste separation at source: A case study in Mashhad

Pages 31-44


hani hamzeh kalkenari; mohammad ghorbani; Farzaneh Alipouryan; ahvan kaseb; saeid hatiteh

Accumulation of Mn, Cd, Cr and Pb in Pinctada radiata (Bivalvia: Pterioida) in the Hendourabi and Lavan Islands, the Persian Gulf

Pages 45-52


Moein Rajaei; Hadi Poorbagher; Hamid Farahmand; Mohammad Seddiq Mortazavi; Fereydoon Aflaki; Amir Hossein Hamidian

Evaluation of the "hunting prohibited region" to promote it to the "Protected Area" ( A case study on Sefidkoohe Aresk hunting prohibited region in Damghan)

Pages 53-65


Borhan Riazi; Saeed Motahari; farzad amiraslani

The study of variation of vegetation and plant diversity in coastal habitats of Miankaleh Biosphere Reserve using ecological transects

Pages 67-81


Shahryar Saeidi Mehrvarz; Alireza Naqinezhad; Zeynab Kazemi Gorji

Evaluation of single- and multi-metric benthic macroinvertebrate indices for water quality monitoring, case study Jajrood River

Pages 83-93


Zeynab Shirchi Sasi; Asghar Abdoli; Hossein Hashemi

Assessing urban growth patterns in Sari using landscape ecology approach

Pages 95-107


ali asgarian; Bahman Jabbarian Amiri; Afshin Alizadeh Shabani; Jahangir Feghhi

Effect of extreme cold on trees and shrubs of tehran city in 2008

Pages 109-117


Samira Taati; Vahid Etemad

An investigation on Accumulation of Lead and Nickel in Roots and Leaves of Planted mangrove Forest (Avicennia marina) in Imam Khomeini Port

Pages 119-128


Farzaneh Mansouri; afshin danehkar; Nematolah Khorasani; Sohrab Ashrafi

Efficiency assessment of bag filters for removal of dust and heavy metals from emissions of electric arc furnaces

Pages 129-135


Nabiallah Mansoori; Farhad Nejadkoorki; Narjes Mousavian Nadoushan

Allometric growth pattern and sexual dimorphism of skull on brown bear(Ursus arctos Linnaeus, 1758)of the Alborz Mountain

Pages 137-154


Bagher Nezami; Mahmoud Karami; Soheil Eagderi; Mohamad Kaboli

Assessment biodegradation of chlorinated pesticides by isolated bacteria (Pseudomonas species) from the Mazandaran Rivers

Pages 155-163


zahra yaghoubzadeh; Reza Safari