Microbial status of groundwater Haraz River Mazandaran Province

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Haraz River originates from the northern slopes of the Alborz and is flowed in a relatively broad valley. There are several village, sector, twenty sand factories and fish culture farms alongside of this river. In addition, restaurants and rest place for travelers sometimes used as a place. This study was performed to study the coliform contamination of ground water along the Haraz River.In this study, sixty samples were collected from groundwater during one year. The samples were examinated for total coliform and fecal coliform. The results showed that maximum and minimum of total coliforms in the ground water in Abask (4 CFU/100 ml) and Holomsar (1/9 CFU/100 ml) and maximum and minimum of fecal coliforms in Abask (1/2 CFU / ml) and Klode, Holomsar and Larijan (1/1CFU/100 ml), respectively.The results also showed that Haraz river ground water has been polluted



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