Evaluation of single- and multi-metric benthic macroinvertebrate indices for water quality monitoring, case study Jajrood River

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Masters of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science Institue, Shahid Beheshti University

2 Associate Professor, Department of biodiversity and Ecosystem Management, Environmental Science Institue, Shahid Beheshti University

3 Assisstant professor, Department of Environmental Pollutant, Environmental Science Institue, Shahid Beheshti University


Benthic macroinvertebrates in river are useful indicators for adverse impacts on the catchment and river ecosystems. These organisms integrate many ecological processes in catchment scale. In this study several single and multi metric biotic indices were used based on macroinvertebrates in order to evaluate the water quality of Jajrood river. Macroinvertebrates as well as water samples were collected in six stations seasonally. The results showed that the Chironomidae family had the most relative abundance and Hilsenhoff biotic index and BMWP/ASPT are most appropriate biotic indices for evaluation of Jajrood River water quality. The adjustment and calibration ofindicesbased on geographical condition as well as physiochemical parameters of Iran rivers is required in order to apply the multimetric index.The result of various biotic indices showed that stations located in the residential areas compared to the stations located in the upstream were more polluted.


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