Volume & Issue: Volume 66, Issue 4, March 2014, Pages 341-453 
A comparative study between Khojeer and Sorkheh hesar National Parks in terms of the trend of land cover/use changes

Pages 341-350


shirkou jaafari; Afshin Alizadeh Shabani; Afshin Danehkar; Aliakbar Nazarisamani

Application logistic regression and Markov Chain in land cover change prediction in east of Mazandaran province

Pages 351-363


sharif joorabian shooshtari; Abbas Esmaili-Sari; Seyed Mohsen Hosseini; mehdi Gholamalifard

Bird species richness and diversity along an altitudinal gradient in North of Alborz Mountain (Case study: Kheyrud forest)

Pages 365-376


Mitra Shariatie; Mohammad Kaboli

Evaluation of short and long-term effects of diazinon on cholinesterase activity in different tissues of freshwater Bivalve Anodonta cygnea (Bivalvia: Unionacea)

Pages 377-387


Nima Shiri; Seyed Jalil Gholami; Hadi Poorbagher

A study of Secale montanum seed response to stress caused by Pb and Cu pollutant elements

Pages 389-397


Mohammadreza Tatian; Reza Tamartash; Sara Heshmati; Hamid Reza Saeedi Garaghani

Development Activities in Tehran

Pages 399-410


Enayat Abbasi; Ahmad Basami; Narjes Kaboli

Analysis environmental and Ecological spatial state of forest regeneration patches in various types natural Fagetum – orientalis north IRAN. (Case study: Gorazbon district, KHeyrod Forest)

Pages 411-422


Arash Karami; Jahangir Feghhi; Mohammad Reza Marvie Mohajer

Macro planning of tourism sample regions through selecting effective criteria on tourism development process in Khorasan Razavi Province

Pages 423-434


beytollah mahmoudi; Reza Ahmadian; Amin Haghsetan

Risk assessment of ground water pollution by heavy metals in leachate of acidic sludge from motor oil recycling and linear recommendation)Case study: Garmsar(

Pages 435-443


Farzane Mahmoudian; Amir Hossein Hamidian; Nematollah Khorasani; Pooria Haghpanah

Desalination of Caspian Sea water by silica nano-particles for agricultural usage

Pages 445-453


Faramarz Moattar; Farideh Atabi; Neda Darvish