Volume & Issue: Volume 66, Issue 1, April 2013, Pages 1-125 
The relationship between abundance of wood macrofungi on chestnut-leave Oak (Quercus castaneifolia C.A.M.) and hornbeam (Carpinus betulus L.) and physiographic factors (Case study: Kheyroud forest, Noshahr)

Pages 1-12


Hamed Aghajani; Mohammad Reza Marvie Mohadjer; Mohammad Reza Asef; Anoushirvan Shirvany

Reintroduction of Persian Wild Ass (Equus hemionus onager): A Case Study in Kakmand-Bahadoran inYazd Province

Pages 13-22


Hasan Akbari; Mohammad Sadegh Farhadiania; Azam Habibipour; Ali Shaker

Environmental Impact Assessment of Nemone Tehran Slaughterhouse Using an Integrated Method of Scaling-Weighting Checklist and Analytic Hierarchy Process

Pages 23-36


Seyed Ali Jozi; Maryam Firouzei

Ordination of Ecological Species Given Environmental Variables in Northern and Eastern Slopes of Sabalan Mountain

Pages 37-48


Jaber Sharifi; Adel Jalili; Shaker Ghasemof; Alireza Naghinejad; Ali Akbar Imani

Tourism Value of Natural Environment in Desert Areas Case Study: Banadaksadat area of Yazd

Pages 49-59


Ahmad Fatahi; Ali Fathzadeh

The Application of TOPSIS Method in Identification of Protected Natural Areas with Spiritual Value in Neyshabor Township

Pages 61-76


Maryam Kabiri Hendi; Afshin Danehkar; Afshin Alizadeh; Nematollah Khorasani

Remediation of Earth Resources Contaminated with Arsenic Using Soil Washing Technique

Pages 77-85


Saeid Gitipour; Edris Madadian; Siavash Sedighian; Amirasad Koushki

Quality of Lighvan Chai River Based on Biological Factors

Pages 87-100


Nader Habibzadeh; Mohammad Babapour; Amir Hossein Hamidian

Investigation of Temporal Variations of PM10 Concentration and Influence of Meteorological Parameters on it During 2005-2010

Pages 101-111


Zeynab Nazari; Nematollah Khorasani; Sadat Feiznia; Mahmoud Karami

An Investigation on the Forest Structure and Trees Spatial Pattern in Fagusorientalis Stands of Hyrcanian Forests of Iran (Case Study: Gorazbon District of Kheyrud Forest)

Pages 113-125


Zahra Nouri; Mahmoud Zobeiri; Jahangir Feghhi; Mohammad Reza Marvie Mohadjer