Volume & Issue: Volume 74, Issue 3, September 2021, Pages 420-646 
Assessment of habitat suitability of Oxynemachilus kiabii (Golzarianpour, Abdoli & Freyhof, 2011) in the Dinor River, Kermanshah province, Iran

Pages 420-434


Ali Reza Radkhah; Soheil Eagderi; Hadi Poorbagher

Assessing the sustainability of urban development and calculating the biological capacity of Birjand city using the ecological footprint method

Pages 435-450


Somayeh Moodi; Saeed Ahmadizadeh; Elham Yousefi

Evaluation of Bioremediation of Bacteria Degrading Petroleum Compounds Isolated from Petroleum Contaminated Soils in the Presence of Phenanthrene

Pages 451-461


Meysam Pashaee; Shahab Ojani

The impact of natural resources, human capital, and foreign direct investment on the ecological footprint in Iran

Pages 462-474


Hadis Hatami; Ali Sayehmiri; Salah Ebrahimi

Spatial modelling of supply and demand for water yield service in the Haraz Watershed

Pages 475-489


Zahra Emlaei; Sharareh Pourebrahim; Majid Makhdoum

Molecular identification of mucoralean fungi isolated from the oil-polluted sites

Pages 490-504


Somayeh Dolatabadi; Muhammed javad Najafzadeh; Neematollah Jaafarzadeh

The impact of virtual environmental education on attitude and pro-environmental performance of primary school female students

Pages 505-516


Saeideh Khanzadeh; mahtab salimi; vilma bayramzadeh

Determining the number of stations to monitor rivers’ water quality considering environmental, technical, and economic criteria (Case study: the Gedarchay River)

Pages 517-536


Esfandiar Abbas Novinpour; homayoun moghimi; Mirkhalegh Falah

Assessing the impacts of different management scenarios on the environmental sustainability of Gharachai watershed using the WEAP

Pages 537-553


Fateme Fathi ashtiani; Jamal Ahmadaali; Khaled Ahmadaali; Shahram Khalighi Sigaroodi

The strategic analysis of the CEPA program by combining SWOT-QSPM techniques in the Amirkalayeh Wetland for protection and sustainable uses

Pages 554-571


Tooba Abedi; Niloofar Abedinzadeh

Investigation of Nitrate Removal from Aqueous Solutions by Nano Adsorbent of Wheat Straw

Pages 572-587


Neda Baboli; ali bafkar

Analysis of environmental issues for integrated coastal zone management (Case study: Asaluyeh coastal zone)

Pages 588-603


Mohammadreza Gharibreza; Fereydun Vafai; Mohammadreza Allahyar; Hamid Khalili; Rasoul Ghanbar-Maman

The effect of the co-management system on the vegetation properties in the winter rangelands of Sargache-Bisim, Masjed-Soliman

Pages 604-613


Ali Mohebbi; Mohammad Hasanzadeh; Mahdi Ramezani

The effect of land use change on the formation of heat islands using remote sensing (Case study: Kerman)

Pages 614-628


Hadi Eskandari Damneh; Hamed Eskandari Damaneh; Meysam Cheraghi; Hassan Khosravi; Mohsen Adeli Sardooei

Spatiotemporal distribution of tropospheric NO2 column density over Iran using the OMI sensor data

Pages 629-646


Koohzad Raispour