Evaluation and Zonation of Noise Pollution in Vakil-Abad Highway, Mashhad

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Responsible for the lab of Toos Sewage Treatment plant

2 Department of Environmental Science Kheradgarayan Motahhar Institute of Higher Education Iran

3 Ph.D. student of Transportation Systems, University of Lisbon, Portugal

4 Department of Environment

5 Kheradgerayan Motahar Institute


This study aims to evaluate and zone the noise pollution level of districts 9 and 11 (Vakil-Abad Highway) in Mashhad, using statistical methods and GIS software. For this purpose, the required sound data were taken from 25 selected high-traffic stations of studied area in spring, summer, autumn and winter during 2016-2017. The process involved 1 full day of work per month for 6 months, from 7:30 AM through 8:30 PM, using a TES-1358 sound level meter. Traffic data and measured sound indicators were analyzed statistically by MSTAT-C, SPSS, and Excel software. After they were inserted into GIS software, the layers of information were obtained to provide the level of noise pollution and its distribution in the area. The comparison between the results and findings at a significant level of 5% indicated that the highest sound levels 85.63, 80.72, 78.10 and 81.46 dB belong to station 20, October, morning time and commercial-residential use, respectively. Day-time zoning maps of Vakil-Abad Highway in Mashhad also showed that the intensity of noise pollution in the central parts of the mentioned region is more than the other parts and can provide an accurate analysis of how the sound is distributed in the desired area. Since the day-time average level obtained for Vakil-Abad Highway is higher than Iran's standard level, serious action may be taken to control the noise and prevent its complications in the region.


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