Modeling the spatial distribution of multiple ecosystem service capacity in the planning process Manasht and Ghalarang protected area

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Natural Resources and Earth Sciences, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran. Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran.



Assessment spatial distribution of the ecosystem services of nature reserves is necessary to the protection of ecological environment, promote conservation and development and land management. To that end, the present study aims to model the ecosystem services of carbon storage, habitat quality and nutrient export using the InVEST software and recreation software through the combination of several indicators in GIS software in the protected area of Maneshet and Qalarang. In addition, the service provisioning hotspots, was mapped for prioritize conservation measures, using Getis-ord Gi∗ statistics. in order to examine landscape pattern changes, landscape metrics were also used. The results Indicated that the suitability of carbon storage, habitat quality and recreation in the northern and eastern regions of the study area is more than the southern and western regions, while the nutrient exports is higher in the central regions than other regions. The highest carbon storage, habitat quality, and recreation were observed for the forest land. Likewise, it was the highest nutrient in agricultural land. Also, the results of the spatial distribution of all ecosystem services showed that hotspots are concentrated in areas with forest cover, which play the greatest role in supply ecosystem services. The results of this study, with information about the spatial distribution of services, provide the possibility of identifying the areas with the greatest benefits of ecosystem services, which can be useful in line with land use policies for sustainable development. Eventually, these results can provide some reference for Manasht and Ghalarang protected area and other nature areas to give consideration to both categories of environmental protection and development.


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