Analytical study of parameters affecting the supply of ecosystem services in the central part of Esfahan province

Document Type : Research Paper


environmetal Dep. faculty of Natural resource and environment. Malayer university. malayer. Iran



The capacity of an ecosystem to ecosystem services supply depends on the structure, processes, and functions affected by interactions with socio-environmental parameters. So, considering the parameters affecting ecosystem services can be efficient in ecosystem management and improving their functions. This study aims to investigate the effective parameters of ecosystem services supply in the central part of Isfahan province. Accordingly, after a literature reviewing and considering the study area characteristics, socio-environmental parameters such as mean slope, mean height, density Population, distance from access routes, distance from the river, percentage of available land uses, and distance from the center of the largest urban area of the study area, in homogeneous areas of ecosystem services, aesthetic value, recreational value, and noise pollution reduction were extracted and evaluated using principal component analysis (PCA) method is some steps such as sample size adequacy test, standardization, evaluating the correlation matrix, calculation of eigenvalues and eigenvectors. According to the results, the value of the first component is 3.715, which justifies 57.016% of the total variance in the data. The second component also explains 19.874% of the total variance. Overall, agricultural land, residential areas, distance from roads and green spaces, and parks are the most effective parameters on ecosystem services supply justifying more than 76% of the variance of the data set. Based on the results, management measures could be taken to conserve ecosystem services based on the extracted criteria. , The results of this study lead to decision-making simplicity and land evaluation and saved time and money on land-use planning and management.


Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript
Available Online from 08 May 2023