Climatic capacity evaluation of coastal area of Sistan and Baluchistan province for the development of wind farms

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Environment, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran



Fossil fuels, due to limited resources, causing pollution and global warming, have caused the use of renewable energy, especially wind energy, to be considered. For this reason, to determine the criteria for locating wind farms in the coastal area of Sistan and Baluchistan province, from reviewing the sources, studying the plans and research, standards, and reviewing documents from 30 internal sources 20-year ago and external sources was used. Due to a large number of criteria and indicators, summarization was done, they were divided into two ecological and human groups, which include 8 criteria, climate, land, uses and management areas, development infrastructure, capital resources, Itis management, health and consequence, the average wind speed and distance from the residence had the highest frequency of indicators in previous experiences. The Delphi method was used to screen the criteria and the opinions of 11 wind farm experts were used. The results of the content validity evaluation of the questionnaires showed that all the respondents chose the indicators of average wind speed, wind continuity, distance from landslide areas, distance from military operation areas, distance from the power grid, and development costs as the most important spatial indicators. Measuring the importance of the criteria based on the Delphi method is dependent on the calculation of two indicators, the percentage of importance and the degree of importance, which were used to calculate the final importance coefficient of the criteria through these two parameters. Based on Delphi calculations, the most essential site selection wind farm indicators were obtained, respectively, average wind speed, wind continuity, distance from the power grid, and wind power density. In order to evaluate the potential of wind energy for the development of wind farms in the coastal area, climate indicators, annual average wind speed, annual average wind power density, and annual average wind continuity percentage were used. Analysis of climatic criteria was done by using a geographic information system and kriging interpolation functions of mapping. Finally, the coastal area was divided into two zones, 91% suitable for wind power development and 9% unsuitable.


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