Calculating Productivity Compatible with the environment in agricultural sector

Document Type : Research Paper




Agriculture potentially is one of the main factors that cause environmental destruction. Because most of time wasteful using of chemical fertilizer and poisons to achieving more efficiency in agricultural sector caused bad environmental effects. So in present research, calculating Iran agricultural productivity growth with respect to environmental effect in 1991- 2011 period has been considered. In this study, input-oriented Malmquist index with using the distance function and environmental adjusted productivity index (EAP) has been used. Results show that the growth of environmental productivity is 3.7 percent and the growth of typical productivity is 3.2 percent. In fact, the growth of computed environmental productivity was estimated more than the growth of typical productivity. These results show that in survey of environmental productivity, in addition to calculate productivity of products with market value also agriculture sector attempts to control of pollutant also has been considered. So suggest that in order to avoid overestimating productivity, always negative environmental effects of agricultural activities in the computing productivity must be considered.
Also the findings express a reduction of the growth rate of the agricultural sector. This is due to the higher growth rate of capital stock relative to the growth rate of products in the agricultural sector. One ways to increase this rate is prevention of the capital exiting from the agricultural sector and prioritize investments aimed at increasing productivity.


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