Source identification of heavy metal pollution nearby Kerman steel industries

Document Type : Research Paper




Human activities cause to the accumulation of heavy metals in soil. Soil pollution will significantly reduce environmental quality and affect human health. This study aimed to determine the concentration of some heavy metals (Ni, Pb, Fe, Zn, Cr and Cd) and evaluate the effects of Kerman steel industry on concentration of soil heavy metals. A total of 60 samples from the surface soil and a depth of 0-15 cm were collected at different distances from Kerman steel complex and analyzed with Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS). Some indices of pollution including Contamination factor (Cf), Pollution index (PI), Pollution load index (PLI), Pollution Intensity index (Ipoll), Potential contamination index (Cp) were calculated to assess the levels of soil contamination. The Pearson correlation, principal component analysis (PCA), hierarchical clustering analysis (HCA) was used to determine the origin of pollutants. The results were showed the trend of heavy metal concentration in the study area as Fe>Zn>Pb>Ni>Cr>Cd respectively. The maximum of studied indices was related to Pb and then Zn. Pearson correlation was showed that Zn with Cd and Pb with Cr had significant positive correlation. A PCA results of Cf index was stay Zn and Pb in the first cluster. In the other words, these two elements are more human origin. This study showed that the study area does not need to severe remedial action; however, continuous monitoring of environment is essential.


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