The ecological study of Striped hyena (Hyaena hyaena) denning regions in Haftadgholeh protected area using Maximum Entropy method.

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1 university of guilan

2 university of Guilan

3 university of malayer


Dens as a useful shelter, has an important roles in social behavior development. However, movement between dens has a big cost for animals especial carnivores but this cost with recognizing territories Will be compensated. The hyenas use the dens for different objects such as shelter during the days, breeding and cubs rearing and also for resting. The Striped hyena (Hyaena hyaena) denning regions ecological status has been investigated in Haftadgholeh protected area using MaxEnt method. For this purpose, we used 30 dens localities and 11 Effective variable. The model has been run ten replicates, and the mean map has been selected as prediction map. The validity of model performed by ROC statistical procedure. Based on obtained results, the prediction model of denning regions of species has been successful (AUC=0.76) and on all of threshold limits it is significantly different from random model (P-value<0.001). Also, based on the sensitivity analysis results, the most effective variables on denning of this species was landuse (range lands), altitude, slope and geomorphological types of region. The suitable den in this region defined with vegetation cover types constitute of Stipa barbata, Astragalus spp., Artemisia aucheri in limestone regions with shallow sandy soil, and in east and south-west aspects with 22 percent of slope. Our result showed that due to role of den on survival of animals, identifying factor affecting on den site contribute to better understand of ecological niches


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