Determining the economics value of non-use functions of Bamou National Park

Document Type : Research Paper



In spite of the immense importance of ecosystems, its services are underestimated in the analysis and decisions of economic contracts. The main challenge in environmental resource topics macro management is considering a guarantee of real value to services and ecosystem functions at all levels of decision-making in this area. In this study, Double-Bounded Dichotomous Choices Contingent Valuation is used for determining non-use grassland functions and finally existence, heritage and option values of Bamou National Park. Results show that bid, moralization-consequentiality, new information brochure, being a severe damages to the park, willingness to participate, the aim of preserving the wildlife and biodiversity, aim to maintain perspective and tourism, education, household monthly income, at least the expected household income, household size, membership in the NGO organizations are the most effective factors on responders willingness to pay for conservation of Bamou National Park. Also, the average willingness to pay estimated of responders are 60329 Rial and non-use function’s value of this park are 704.571 Billion Rial in 2011 which is approximately equivalent to 0.26 percent of GDP in Fars province.


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