Environmental Risk Assessment of Gas Pipeline with Method of Muhlbauer (Case Study: Lorestan Province)



The purpose of this study is environmental risk assessment of pipelines in case study conducted in the 9th National Gas Pipeline in Lorestan province (Iran). The study employed the indexing method for investigating the risk through the Muhlbauer method. Geographic Information System is also used to develop the maps corresponding to the environmental risks and to map the relative risk scores and also to delineate the current status of environmental resources in the study area. The different sub-indices were compared and prioritized using a hierarchical analysis. Among the layers under investigation, the land use layer gained the highest score. Accordingly, the land use layer proved to have more weight, compared to other layers, in calculating pipeline risk. Among the obtained scores, the sub-index of third-party damage scored lower than the others, indicating more risks. The sub-index of corrosion scored higher, indicating fewer risks. Indexing System is a comprehensive method. This method includes all of qualifications and in this study earned appropriate results. In the future study it is proposed the by selecting suitable sections the effects of gas pipelines in limit of microclimate.