Fall Habitat Suitability Modeling of Central Alborz Wild Sheep (Ovis gmelini X O. vignei) in Jajrood Protected Complex, Iran



Jajrood protected complex (Khojir and Sorkheh Hesar national parks and Jajrood protected area) is one of the most important habitats of Central Alborz wild sheep (Ovis gmelini X O. vignei) in Iran. Since the species mate in fall, then fall home range has critical rule in life cycle of this species. Using the ecological niche factor analysis (ENFA), effective factors on the presence of species were identified and fall habitat suitability was modeled. The results show that this species has narrow ecological niche in this season and is sensitive to habitat changes. The suitable habitats are recognized to be in areas with height more than 1535 meters a.s.l. and the mean temperature less than 10°C, with suitable escape terrain away from the villages. Military areas and roads according to their use have different effects on species presence and habitat suitability.