Author = Jahangir Feghhi
Environmental Risk Assessment of Gas Pipeline with Method of Muhlbauer (Case Study: Lorestan Province)

Volume 65, Issue 3, October 2012, Pages 353-365


maryam khaleghian; Afshin Danehkar; Nematollah Khorasani; Seyed Ali Jozi; Jahangir Feghhi; Seyed reza Navabi ghamsari

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Korganroud Watershed, Using Landscape Degradation Model

Volume 65, Issue 2, July 2012, Pages 223-234


Mehdi Sheikh Goodarzi; Afshin Alizadeh shabani; Abdolrasoul Salman mahini; Jahangir Feghhi

Quantifying the Spatial Structure in Hyrcanian Submountain Forest (Case Study: Gorazbon District of Kheirud Forest-Noushahr-Iran)

Volume 65, Issue 1, April 2012, Pages 111-125


Vahid Alijani; Jahangir Feghhi; Mahmoud Zobeiri; Mohammadreza Marvi mohajer

Implicit pricing of urban green space using Hedonic Pricing: (Case study: karaj, Jahanshahr region)

Volume 64, Issue 1, April 2011, Pages 25-41

Masoumeh Shaban; Seyed Mahdi Heshmatolvaezin; Majid Makhdoum; Mahmoud Zobeiri; Jahangir Feghhi

Landscape Ecological Metrics-based Investigation of Land Cover/Use Changes in Korganrud Watershed

Volume 64, Issue 4, January 2011, Pages 431-441

Mehdi Sheikh Goodarzi; Afshin Alizadeh Shabani; Abdolrasoul Salman Mahini; Jahangir Feghhi

Estimation of species diversity in forest different stories (case study: Patom district of Kheyrud forest)

Volume 63, Issue 4, January 2010, Pages 399-407

Zahra Nouri; Jahangir Feghhi; Ghavamoddin Zahedi Amiri; Ramin Rahmani