Keywords = Biodiversity
Factors affecting perceived biodiversity loss in the Sorkhabad Protected Area of the Zanjan Province

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 19 March 2023


Parvaneh Safarialamouti; Esmail karamidehkordi

Evaluation of Genetic Diversity in Earthworms for Agricultural Fields and Pastures of Northern Zagros

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 11 July 2023


Shadi Karimifard; faraham Ahmadzade; fateme Aghamir

Assessing the vegetation diversity of different oak types in relation with soil characteristics in the forests of north Zagros (Case study: Armardeh Baneh)

Volume 76, Issue 3, September 2023, Pages 413-428


Saman Maleki; Babak Pilehvar; Mohammad Ali Mahmoodi

Comparative study of special areas for conservation in forests and rangelands laws of Iran, France, and South Africa

Volume 75, Issue 2, September 2022, Pages 334-347


Hamid Reza Afrand Sorkhani; Mohammad Avatefi Hemmat; Taghi Shamekhi; Elaheh Mohseni

Investigating the effect of Socio-economic Disturbance Resulting from human activities on Landscape Ecological Function using HANPP index (Case Study: Qazvin Province)

Volume 73, Issue 3, December 2020, Pages 471-484


asef darvishi; Maryam Yousefi; naghmeh Mobarghei Dinan

Environmental effects of wood extraction on composition and biodiversity regeneration (tree and herbaceous cover) (A case study: Gardeshy district of Choob and Kaghaz Mazandaran)

Volume 71, Issue 1, June 2018, Pages 93-107


Review of the Biodiversity Conservation Strategies of Iran

Volume 67, Issue 2, July 2014, Pages 195-206


Asghar Mohammadi Fazel; Nematollah Khorasani; Majid Abbaspour; Seyed Mohammad Bagher Hojjati

Evaluation of Structural Biodiversity in Natural Systems of Arid and Semiarid Regions: 1- Soil Characteristic and Biodiversity

Volume 65, Issue 2, July 2012, Pages 163-179


alireza khodashenas; Alireza Kouchaki; Parviz Rezvani moghaddam; Amir Lakzian

Effects of Reserve Management on Woody and Ground Flora Diversity (Case Study: Chamhesar ‍Pear Forest Reserve)

Volume 65, Issue 1, April 2012, Pages 31-43


Hamzeh Jafari Sarabi; Babak Pilehvar; Gholamhossein Veis karami; Javad Sousani

Evaluation of Structural Biodiversity in Natural Systems of Arid and Semi-arid Regions: Plants and Arthropods

Volume 64, Issue 3, October 2011, Pages 281-293

alireza khodashenas; Marzieh Khodashenas; Alireza Kouchaki; Hossein Sadeghi namaghi; Mahdi Nasiri mahalati

A Comparison of Biodiversity Integration into Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures in I.R. Iran and South Asian Countries

Volume 63, Issue 2, July 2010, Pages 187-196

Seyyed Masoud Monavvari; Razieh Rahimi

Estimation of species diversity in forest different stories (case study: Patom district of Kheyrud forest)

Volume 63, Issue 4, January 2010, Pages 399-407

Zahra Nouri; Jahangir Feghhi; Ghavamoddin Zahedi Amiri; Ramin Rahmani